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 1GVNA 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer images


1GVNA 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer

SKU: 1GVNA 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer

 Vector Network Analyzer


Product Description:

NA7100 Vector Network Analyzer features high accuracy and large dynamic range, which adopted Direct Digital Synthesis  (DDS) signal generator and multi-receiver technique. So it can quickly measure the important index such as transmission, reflection, phase and group delay. NA7100 is the perfect tool to test linear or nonlinear equipment of RF system (Radio Station, CATV, communication receiver or other wireless communication systems).


NA7100 is ideal for testing of narrowband filters, sound surface wave parts, amplifiers, antennas, impedance transforming subassembly, cable etc. Also automatic conformity testing and rapid testing is favorite and useful for volume production.


In addition, the test result can be saved, printed or transferred to PC. Also the test result can be recalled at any time in order to do a contrastive measurement.



• Transmission & Reflection

• Two channels, Four traces display

• Shorter sweep time

• Save/ print/ recall function

• USB, parallel, RS-232 and VGA interface

• 1G Byte memory



Source Characteristics

Frequency Range


Frequency  stability


Frequency Resolution


Phase Noise

≤-67dBc/Hz(10K HZ Offset)

Output Level Range 

-50dBm ~ +10dBm

Level Accuracy  


Harmonic Rejection

≥-30dBc(>1MHz) ≤-25dBc(300KHz~1MHz


≥50d B( After Vector calibration)



Receiver Characteristics

Resolution Bandwidth   

100Hz ~ 15KHz

Dynamic Range

≥100dB (RBW=1KHz)

Level Accuracy 


Measurement Resolution


Maximum Input Level  

+ 10dBm



Phase Characteristics

Phase Resolution


Phase Veracity 

0.5°(RBW=1KHz)   1°(RBW=3KHz)

Display Characteristics

Sweep Time     

150ms/field ~ 5s/field(201points)


7.5” Color TFT LCD


Front Panel  

Type-N Input and Output port,USB1.1 port

Rear Panel       

RS-232, parallel interface, standard VGA

output and standard keyboard interface

Other specifications

Power Supply

AC 90V ~ 260V/50Hz, P≤113W


About 15 Kg

Working Temperature

0℃ ~ 40℃

Store Temperature   

-10℃ ~ 50℃

Hard Disk Space 

1G Byte


About 400mm×220mm×470mm


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Product details

Category: Spectrum Analyzer

Product code - SKU: 1GVNA 1GHz Vector Network Analyzer

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